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Welcome to SHAKHI, A hope of empowerment for women and girls in the rural area of Bara, Nepal. We are delighted to have you visit our virtual home, a place where the seeds of positive change are sown and nurtured every day.

SHAKHI, which means “Friends of Women,” is not just a name; it’s a commitment, a lifeline, and a symbol of solidarity. We are a grassroots feminist non-governmental organization, driven by a profound passion to uplift the lives of women and girls in the rural areas of Bara. In this often-overlooked region, we stand as a testament to the power of local voices, unwavering determination, and collective strength.


At SHAKHI, we envision a world where women and girls have equal opportunities, where their voices are heard, and where they are agents of change in their communities. We strive for a Nepal where every girl’s dream is within reach, and every woman’s potential is fully realized.


Our mission is simple but profound: We are committed to the development and empowerment of women, girls, and children in marginalized and vulnerable communities in the rural heart of Bara district. We believe that empowering women and girls is not just a goal; it’s a necessity for building stronger and more inclusive communities. Through our programs, advocacy, and partnerships, we work towards a more equitable and just future where every woman and girl can thrive.


OUR Philosophy

SHAKHI has a special way of doing things. We believe in making big changes and we use a feminist approach. Only women and girls can join our organization. We think that women and girls are very important in our work. We want to help them become leaders who can inspire others. Being feminist means, we want men and women to be equal, and we work to change things that aren't fair for women. We do this because we know that making things fair for women is the best way to make our community better.

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